Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Undefined Love,,,

To be Unhurt again,
I choose this,
I thanked to you,
My dear love,
What is mean by eternal,
Is not to be meant for now,
A piece of love you gave to me,
Was a piece of love that bring me a joy,
yet,that's not all,
You gave me hope,
Hope of my love to HIM,
Love of HIM surpassed love of your,
a piece of magnificent love,
Destiny what bring us up to this chapter,
We never asked,
Praise to Him,,,
Every moment i will remember,
I kept it locked in my memory,
For the rest of my life...



Thank to ALLAH for given us the chance to still breath,feel,see,hear,walking,talking,tasting,crying,happy,pain,,,masy-ALLAH,,,too many to list it here.And so the verse stated....

"Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?"   -Surah ar-rahman-

"Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah kamu dustakan?" -Surah ar-rahman-

I can't denied sometimes we often forgotten that ALLAH gives us a lot of things and yet we seldom appreciated it.Try to ponder at the end of the day:) 

Well,that's for muqadimmah.For today post,i wanted to write about LOVE,,,,i know most of us will directly think of "puppy love" because i had think of that too:) .To be honest,i'm not an expert to give a speech or write about this topic but i just wanted to share what i've know about love throughout 18 years i lived.But before that,let me show u this video.

So beautiful right?? this video is taken from "Ketika Cinta Bertasbih" Movie.I recently watched this movie....(i know,,,so lambat la,u bru na tgk,,adoi,,hee~~) From this video,my conclusion is Love is UNDEFINED.Too many meaning,,,,how about yours?? 

For those who in love for the first time,,,,dont let your guard down.Feeling of love is not a sin.It's a must.But the first of all is the ALLAH'S LOVE.When the first one is fullfill insy-ALLAH the rest will be ease:) Before u love somebody,love ALLAH.Before u find the love of others,find the love of ALLAH.The power of LOVE is enormous.It can change sad to happy,bad to good,dark from light,Z to A...whatever,like what had mentioned in the video.From negative to positive.The Cure,Remedy,Medicine,Elixir or whatever u named it,,of all.That's y i said it's a must.Human without love is zero.Empty heart.Loneliness.The feeling of love that Allah had give us,had made us free from being loneliness,alone in dark.It bring gigantic effect in our life.Yup,gigantic:) 

This is also one of the favours from ALLAH.Being love,to loved.Appreciated what love is.Love to ourself, ur dad,mom,sister,brother,friends,,,,but again to the Almighty and Our Prophet first.Dont hate the love,,,dont ignore the love,,,Dont "delete" it from your "chip" in your "brain" <------did u get it what i mean?? hee~~
Since we're in Ramadhan month,,,let us find the Almighty's love.The most gracious and merciful.

As imperfect human,i also make mistakes.This post is not only meant for those who read this but it's also meant for me.We can never ever run from mistakes.Mistakes always "run" us.Mistakes teach us to be good.Mistakes is a great teacher of us.So,I end my post here,hope we,us can find what is true LOVE is and be happy:) As Salam,,,,

P/s: Selamat berbuka Puasa to all muslim!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Assalammualaikum,,,kaifa halukum?? <----to test my arabic la konon,,,:)

It's a very longgggggggggggg time no see u guys...waaaaaa=D

Anyway,new post for today,,,emmm,i wanted to show u my classmates,S1BP4.But before that,,,,,i just wanted to say,,,i am very grateful to meet them all,they were all nice peoples and yea i got a nice mentor too<3 (In MJSC,we called it as a Homeroom,but here we called it as a Mentor-Mentee program,,it was almost the same but more independent,,,,i think=)) Total up we have 22 students,typically we have a maximum of 23 or 24 students in practicum,i guess...and to be honest,,,guy are less than girls...ops! that the truth,,,plus,there were two hostels only for girls and one block for boy,,,namely,Cendikia,Jauhari,Bestari,,,respectively.So in my practicum,6 were boys n the others were girls,,,=3

Around the Matric,,,,,

P/S:Happy fasting Everyone! <3 Wassalam....