Monday, February 28, 2011


Well,there is no visiting since my friend is already check out,geezzz...i'm disappointed.Luckily i didn't buy anything yet to give him....i really wanted to see him=(.Since it had been cancelled,i just spending my time sitting in my bedroom and my old friends came stopped by my house.They both had resigned from their job last friday.Same goes with me.They tell me about their work and it's awful to hear.They were scolded in front of the customer by their manager,caught up by some weird friends@_@,fatigued, must been really hard on them and i would said they're very tough=) It's good to hear they had stopped.Now,we came up to a new idea.(It's not that new since we've already discussed before this...=P) We wanted to find a new job and my friend wanted to work at nursery.For me,it was a good idea since we both like kids!<3 but,it's only a idea.Hope we will find a job soon!

P/S: The spm result is only few weeks from now on.I really really reallyyyyyy hope I as the one whose got 9A!! God Willing....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Moody and moody....

Yesterday was my last day work.I wanted to find another job while waiting for an University's enrollement.My father didn't allowed me and i was frustrated.I really wanted to try.We did have a small argument and i'm off.I dont want any further fight and i'm tired of it.It's really messed me up.Tommorow i will be going out to visit my friend and i got a news from my friend saying that he's already awake and seems fine.That's was a relief but the anger,sadness,remorsed is still not subsided.Why we have to hear a news from others and not by yourself.If someone that you love didn't tell you what's really happened on something,and you heard it from the others,what will you feel about it?? Okay,i try to removed all my ego thought and going smoothly like nothing ever happened.I hate to admitted it.It's really hurting me.Urghhhhh.....why?? i urged the answer or in Korea we call it "Ue yo? ue?",in Japanese "Nande dess ka? tottemo suki janai dess!"....

P/S:Speechless....don't like it ='(

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mix Emotions.

I ask my parents about visiting my friend in Hospital.At first,they didn't allowed me but it didn't satisfied me.I try another shot and my mother presented a great idea:) (Thanks to my mother<3) I was allowed to see him.The first thing had settled up.What about the next? I dont know it yet and i'm nervous.I gave a text message to my Kak Long a.k.a Older sister and she reply "dye ada ckp sblum operate tp dye x sure bile dye sedar".I heard the news from my classmate and she told me by calling me.I would say it's a suprised news and i cant hold my tears any longer.He had a surgery for his disease and i'm sure if everyone know this,they will be weaked to hear the news.The thing that we can do is pray and hope he's fine.

I don't think he awaked yet and i hope he didn't yet.LOL.I know he didn't want his friend to stop by and checked on his condition.He really want all of us know that he's okay but it will never relieved us from the sadness.I hope my visit is smooth and everything goes well.I know his intention on why he mention above but that will not stopping us from visiting on him if we are able to do so.

P/S:What kind of gift i want to buy? perhaps?? (i don't think it suited him...:P)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Haunted by past stories...

Recently,i kept remembering my classmate and my cubemates.They're all nice peoples and i love them so much.Calling back to the past memories make me wanted cry.As the previous post stated,i'm much suffered then relieved.But i would like to reminisce some of the past.When we laughed together,we were all laughed out loud.When we feel remorsed,we were all silent.I would say,i'm lucky to be in this amazingly unique class.Even though we always get the first or second from the bottom of all of the 16 classes but we never take it deeply about that matter.What important to us is happiness and teamwork (Although some of the time,we barely had a difficult time on making a decision...LOL:P)

I love each of everyone of them but sometimes i needed my own quality time.Separated from the outside world and dreaming inside our own world.Since my Myers-Briggs type is INFP (type of personalities) i love quality better than quantity.But i love the quantity too.The meaning is if i had a lot of normal accompanies,i will be nice to them without knowing my truth.That's quantity.If i had several close friend,they know my truth and they have the key to unlocked my world.That's quality.Friend is needed when we're in a problems and vice versa.Finding a friend is actually a difficult one.To find someone that matches with your own values.Since we're all made by different thought and opinions,we can't never find the perfect one.It's great when we find someone that can share our secrets and can counting on them.

That's what i learned and i love it.This is why life is made.Every single second we breath have a very special meaning inside it and we need to explore it.

P/S: I had received a bad news today,and it's really stirred my feeling...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Moment...

Yesterday,my friend and i were hang out at Mid Valley and "accidentally" hang out at The Gardens Mall:D It's such a long time i never been in KL.I'm vivacious.Supposed 2 of my friends will hang out with me but one of them had a personal matter and canceled it.I really wanted to hang out altogether with my Lovely,Unique,Funny class of mine,5 University of Duke.To have all of these people is difficult.Most of them live in west peninsular.Only few of them live KL, Pahang states,and the only Negeri Sembilan that was me...oh,there is another one from Johor.We are far apart.We all had our part of life now and it seems bothering to me now(it's weird i think:P).But i believe that we will gathering one day and reunited!:)

About the sponsoring,I think i'm on it.Right now i'm thinking of how to gaining money by online a.k.a online business.I know It have a high risk but you don't know until you try.As Nadiah Amira said,the 19A scorer in SPM,"how far is far,how high is high,you never know until you try".Urmm,i hope the fact is correct=P But i love quote!!:) I got a lot of things that i wanted to post but there're too many and i don't know which one to choose.Overall,i love to talk about my daily life and my opinion in life,philosophy and psychology because it really connect with our life.

P/S: Like watching Oh! My School on youtube and just bought a novel,Lagenda Elfarren!^_^
Oh! there is my class picture! <3>