Saturday, May 28, 2011


Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..,

Hi everyone!

A week spending my time for MSKP a.k.a Majlis Suai Kenal Pelajar in KMNS,,,,i'm fatigued.Not only me but everyone.Normal la tu kan? minggu orientasi mmg gitu=) But whatever it's,it's done,finish,,,time to study after 5 months doing nothing (except for the work) at home,each of the day sit infront of  the lappy,com. and what so ever,,,,i'm excited! Plus,i already bought the reference books and read it.Interesting,,,hahaXD no,i'm serio~~ ^_^ The schedule indeed a very packed one,each of the subject have one hour of lecture,except for AMALI,,,KULIAH,TOTURIAL,<----- one hour.

About the MSKP,i would said,it's a nice one,best?? not so much,,,perhaps,i didn't give it to much attention,,so that's why.The Facilatators (ignore the spelling,x thu betul ke x? malas na bukak dictionary~~) were awesome,some of them might be awesome,but some of them,maybe not...but,important part is they've given the best shot for the MSKP,,,,A BIG APPLAUSE! =D

The first's day of MSKP=)

Cluster C! Cendikia,,,in Cheer's War=)

Cluster B! Bestari! For boys=)

Cluster A! Jauhari!

Practice for the Cheer's war! Cluster B.

Ex-PDT Choir,the best ever Choir so far,,,in my opinion=)

 Forum with ex-KMNS,,,i didn't remember their names but all of them is super-GREAT!!

Pengarah,Timbalan Pengarah,and others.

"Ikrar" to become an official student of KMNS=)

Some of the "abg-abg'' huhuXD Faci....

"Kakak-kakak Faci yg beautiful....=)

P/S: Credit to Faci Firdaus Idris for letting me taking this pics! Until next time!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

La tahzan,,,inaallah ha maana....

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

Hi Everyone! 4 Hours before me gone to matric=)

Serenity,serene,calm,relax,harmony,,,,,all these words have the same meaning right?? To find light or happiness in life,follow the "path" that ALLAH had opened.For us,who born to be an islam,,,,alhamdulillah,syukran because we were born as an islam.

 - "Innadi na indallah hil islam" -
                                       - Sesungguhnya agama disisi ALLAH adalah agama islam -

Before i'm going to matric...i don't want to hope so much like what i've did before.I just want a happiness for my self,my parents,my bro and sis, and all muslim and mukmin.Most of us said,"hey,rilex la,SPM is not evrything,it's not the end of the world".Indeed....although i've said,"i'm okay la with my result" but the truth is i'm not,,,,i'm like the other too,at the end of the day,i'll go inside the room and crying.....

"Takdir ALLAH dan apa yang ALLAH kehendaki maka Dia akan melakukannya"

Every single human in this world are deserve to have the second chance....I believed "this" is my second chance...I'm happy=)

P/S = La tahzan,inaallah ha maana.....<3

Me n PA??

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

Hi Everyone! A Couple more hours to go!
Since my will-to-be matriculation is near with my house,,,,so there's no rushing.Just relax and go on like the other normal day! =D

PA?? What's that? I'm being serio now,whose taking this,i respected them.Wonder y?? It's easy.It's because my mind can't "immersed" into it.HahaXD Wth i'm talking about? Okay okay,,,it's PA abbreviation for Prinsip Akaun.Get it? Yes! =D I did learnt it for only one semester then i swear to myself,i don't want to take PA for the next semester.For the first examination,i got 74%,something like that,which is good,which is because i take Perdagangan (my friends always called it "Bede'"....i don't know why they call that name,it doesn't make senses) in PMR.It was the basic one,like debit,kredit,liabiliti,imbangan duga and so on (imbangan duga,skali x seimbang kedua duanyer,,,,maknenyer ade la salah tu =P) So,that y la i bole skor.Skali dtg second examination,,,berkerut dahi ak na jawap! arghhhhh,,,serio,ak x bole jawab=P Maybe because i didn't prepare for the exam earlier so it was hard for me.But i don't think it was difficult at all.What matter is your effort none the other.

Knape tibe2 ak ckp pasal PA plak ni?? Haaaa....since tommorow i will be going to matric,so i've to check all the study stuffs.Maybe some of it i still can use it so i don't have to waste my money.I found this blank books,no scrabble,white and clean,,,i like it! some of it yes but only few pages.Then come this PA's book and glanced through inside it for one time then second times then third times thennnn...hahaXD I can't stop smilling while i'm doing that.Such a memory.Then i think,y don't i scan it and post it in my next entry...aha! here it's....=)

Sory for the unclear pic...

If u can see it,there were so many "conteng2" but i like it anyway! Art! hahaXD My Account teacher at that time is Miss Zatusy Syamami.I like her name and also her handwritting.It was unique and different! First time i saw her handwritting,,,i said "wow!" Because it's UNIQUE! i can't explained it here how unique it was=) So this was my entry for today,,,,me n PA =3

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flash Back

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

Hi Everyone! One day left for me and to all who get the matriculation.

Happy? Yes!
Sad? Yes!
Weird,,,, Yes!....wait...what??

Ok y'all...(ceh,y'all aje) Something crossed in my mind just now and for that i wanted to share that thought in my entry today.Nothing special bout it but this memory i wouldn't,evarrrr,nevarrrr,forget!

Uwhhh,,,so nice! beautiful <------(excited la katekan)

*ade kucing mengiau kat luar tingkap bilik sekarang...lapa ke? ni yg rse guilty niiii,,,*

Yup! this is my school,Mara Junior Science College Bentong,Pahang...Lots of people will say,,,"wow,like University la",,,"modern bangunan dye" <-----yeke? i don't know,,,just typing what i wantedxD
For me,when i first time saw this,I didn't say anyhing,,,,i'm not blur,i'm just "excited"....The first thing in my mind,my heart was i need friends,i want study,,,that's all.I'm quite happy when i think all of that.A fresh start,indeed but not a "very" good one.

Before that......

I did applied Sekolah Menengah Sains Rembau,,,and my previous school's teacher encouraged us,who scored well in PMR,apply for it.Since it was near,Rembau,N9,,,i did once visit the school.It was a whole new,fresh school.There were no chairs,desks,tables,whatever things that needed in a class.Nope.I was,,,"oh,i will be a first batch".....yeah,,that what i've thought.I really hope that i get the offer but it turn out to be
The offer from MJSC....jeng jeng JENG,,,,,my cousin,Hajar who just 8 years old woke me up....

Hajar : Kak Rina,Kak Rina! Kak Rina dapat surat tawaran! Kak Rina dapat sekolah kat Perak!
Me: *mamai* PERAK??

I go to the door and opened it.

Hajar: Kak Rina turun bawah cepat.
Me: *still mamai*

With blurring mind,i went downstairs and my father already open the acceptance letter....and it's not PERAK,it's PAHANG....kuang kuang KUANG.....

Enterring MJSC was something that i've never thought of,,,it's merely because my mind setting thought it was an Elite school...wahhhh,,,one of my friends had once said "sekolah elitis!".What i've heard is that MJSC adapted a quick learning than daily school...mean they end syllabus earlier than a normal school would.I was afraid to hear that.Luckily,my teacher calming me down when i mentioned to her.She said,"no worries,you can do it".Big Smile for me =D

But,,,,it was not,,,,no,,,i tried to survive with all of my heart and my mind while my soul yet to be at "home".
Yes,you have your body and mind here but no soul were inside you.That's the reason why i'm HOMESICK...ha,amek ko,capital letter skali,,,hahaXD kantoiii homesick,,,,ala,macam ak sorang je la yg homesick.hmph!...=P <-----didn't want to give up!

Until SPM comes,i still tried at my very best to stay,,,but not difficult as my i first time be in MJSC...(this time,i already moved to MJSC Pekan) When i pondered back,there are tons and tons of memories that i will nevarrrr,,evarrrrr forget! (for the second time) but most of it,,like i said in my very early entry,,,you can checked it,,,(so meannn la me....)

Alhamdulillah,i've gone through 2 years with and without difficulty,,,but mostly the first one.Yes,i've gone through it but for me i was fail.Even though i've finish,done it for 2 years,,,,but,i was not success at all..there might have certain things that i satisfied,,,or it's myself who didn't give enough credit to my own"self"....i'm quite unclear bout that...teenager especially aged between 12 - 17,,,will have an identity problem,,,(not the gender prob.,,,you know what i mean right?? =)) it's more toward to personality,,,own personality.That's what i've been through,,,i think it's not only me but some of the students might have gone through it.Example,you felt different when you think back for who you're before and after.Like my case,i'm lost between who are me before and after i'm in MJSC.Like that...

Well,i'm frustrated when knowing that,,,,i'm not me,,,since it was a past,so let bygone be bygone,,,future is what i'm seek for,what i'm looking for=) Past is only for experience and for future usage.Without past,there's no future.

My "Slip Peperiksaan",,,,,(haisyhhh,smpai sumenyer na ttp,,,hahaXD) <----- berkata2 pade diri sendiri.....abaikannn

P/S : Happy belated B-day to my cousin and my friend,namley Liza and Arfa=)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Colourful Cupcakes! How to make it...

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...
Hi Everyone! I'm blogging againJ

So,as you can see the entry's title above,,,today we will having a cooking class! Hehe~~ Since today is my first time making cupcakes,to be
exacted,4 cupcakes,so i will show to you on how did i baked a cupcake.This is my first trial so "thu2 je la bagaimane ghupe dye...."J

The list of the ingredients for the cupcake are:
  • 175 g coaster sugar

  • 175g butter

  • 175g self-raising four

  • 3 eggs (the picture only show the egg but not in the real amount) 
  • One tablespoon of vanilla extract or any.
Next,the ingredient of icing are:
  • 400 icing sugar (suddenly,i remember the lab apparatus which one of it resembled this thing especially when in Chemistry's lab because we want to measure the chemical for the experimentJ and oh yea,when u see the picture,it doesn't show the exactly amount of it because the real amount is use to make many cupcakes,around 15 cupcakes i guess while i change it into half because i only make 4 of it.)

  • 200g butter
  • Any colour flavourings.
And then u can start make it!! J

  1. Mix the coaster sugar with butter.
  2. Gradually add vanilla extract and eggs.
  3. Then add the self-raising flour.

  4. When ur finish,put it into cupcake's cups!

  5. Put it into the oven,,,for 20 minutes (make sure the oven is on heat)

Time to make the icing!! J

  1. Mix the icing sugar and butter
  2. Add vanilla extract
  3. Add food colouring!
  4. You can also add chocolate chips as an option.
This is my food colouring choicesJ

Mcm kanak2 riang kan bila tgk colouring tuhhh.....suke2!! J

Ok,here comes the fun part! Decoration timeJ For the decoration,u obviously can make ur own.Since i did not have the "thing" (i don't know the name) where u put icing into it then u spread it at the top of the cupcake,,,so i've to use small size's plastic and make a hole at the vertex.I didn't have the picture,,,,so i can't show it to u...but anyway,this is my result,,,so messy la kan?? Kanak2 pun can do better than this,,,haha!XD

So ini la dye ghupe cupkek ku ini,,,hahaJ Mmg cincai habis,,,,but one thing la yg paling funny,,,when i tasted it,perghhhhh!! Ini na buat org kencing manis kaaaa?? Even my friend yg dtg rumah tadi pun ckp manis!! hahahahaXD ß .,,,,,,adoiii,gelak kat diri sendiriJ But,overall i think i've done great since this is my first time so no wonder if i makes mistakes,,,,not a big deal.Another funny story,when my bro opened the fridge,,,he said,,,"ape ni?? Asal rupe dye mcm ni?? hahaXD

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy teacher's day=)

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..,,

Hi Everyone!

To all teachers,especially my teachers,,,i wish a great happy teacher's day! ^_^

Actually,if i was not mistaken,even if a person only taught u a single knowledge,the person is ur teacher.
It's not only teachers from school but us also can be an educator.Since we didn't have any certificate to be qualified as a teacher so we're not but as i mention earlier we're a teacher but not in an informal way.If u remember,,,long time ago,being a teacher is the most common occupation among the peoples.Even if ur 12 years old girl and can teach Alphabets,numbers,"jawi",ur qualified to be a teacher.Your students who attended ur class will be in various ages,the old one,the younger one,the teenager,,anybody can be a student at that time.It's quite simple right. ( i know this because i had watched "bujang lapok" where u can see how the teachers and students are,it's interesting to know how,and each class had their own different levels,it's amazing right?? ok,,,it's just me,i guess,,,ehehe)

"Orang kate kalo blajar sampai darjah 6 pun da kire terer da tu,zaman dolu dolu la,,,skang laen"

Yup,it's already enough.Anyway,if u further study then u want to find a job and the best job that u can get is "kerani" becauseee,,,,i think u know y....except if u want to be involve in politic,then i guess education is soo much important especially English Education,,,,

"tu la penting nyer english education" <------- "Usop Wilchair's quote in hantu mak limah" LOL

But that was a very long time ago,,,,where malaysia still need to find stability in every single aspect especially after the "merdeka".Nowdays,if u wanted to be a teacher,it's not easy as u thought.To be a teacher,u must have a "Diploma Pendidikan"....(though,there's still another way to become a teacher,,,,i guess,,correct me if i'm wrong!)

Since today is teacher's day,,,,i want to sing a song,,,acece,,,no laa,keed! I had already posted teachers' day card to my beloved teachers in MJSC Pekan=) I love to give away something to people bcause i like it! Ahaaaa,,,,maybe i can make a give away to my followers i guess,,,hee~~ one day i hope after my blog becoming one of the blog like Hanis Zalikha,or Fatin liyana or Ayun Ayunar or any famous blog,HEE~~,,,(ok,,,i've started to "berangan"....pardon me)

My teachers' card=)

P/S: Thank you teacher,thank u 4 everything,may ALLAH always blessed u,,,,amin=)

Outting Time!! (Kolej Matrikulasi N.Sembilan and Terminal One)

Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

Hi Everyone! How r u guys?? hope ur all fine,,,So,as i promised in my previous post,i will updated the latest news of mine.I know i've been late for one day,,,,but stay tuned! ^_^

                                                                First's Agenda

8.30 a.m

My parents let me breakfast first because i'm hungry.My father bought "karipap sardins","keria",and "roti sosej".Yummy=) I only eat one of each of them,the rest,my brother will eat later,,,,(bcause he just woke up at that time,,,sweetniblet!) Then,without any futher due,,,acece,,,we move on to Kuala Pilah! Excited!=D
This is not my first time going to Pilah bcause since my "maktab" is located in Pekan so the route is still the same meaning that you've to pass through Pilah if you want to go to Pekan,Pahang,,,starting from Kuala pilah,Bahau,Muadzam Shah,Paloh Hinai,Gambang,and Pekan=) i guess this is in the right order,,,,i think it takes 5 hours to reach Pekan,,,,,so "dekat" right?? hehe,,,but,this time,KMNS is wayyyy more "dekatttt",,,30 minutes! ftw=) i'm glad,why? i can be back at home every week then! yippee!....nahhhh,i ought to not to do so.Being at home meaning u killing ur time la so better avoid! kan2?? -_^ One year is a precious year~~

Start the engine and readyy to move on!!

On the way to KMNS,,,as usual,hee~~ i take my "telinga" a.k.a Earphones and "sumbat" it on my ear hole and play the music! yeah! It's because my parents had choosed their favourite's radio selection which is Sinar FM which is i didn't prefer too much except for the jokes in "Pagi di Sinar FM" segment.To be straight with ur guys,i like it! it's so hillarious,,,,three of them,Raja Azura,Saleh Yaakob and Khairil=) Try to check them out if u wanted starting from 6 a.m till 10 a.m....

One thing that i like along the way is the feeling or sense in village's atmosphere.I feel calm,and happy to see all the peoples,the Kampung's Houses....Its remind me of my village and also on my Atok and Nenek on both side and oh yea i also had another Atok and Nenek in Kg.Pelegong near Tiroi.They're actually not my biological grandparents.They're our foster granparents when we having our Homestay right after we finished our PMR.It's call "Program selepas PMR".It was such a pleasant moment except for some other things.I wish i could be there again next time=)

And still one thing i like along the way is i like to see the school.^_^ don't ask me why bcause i really don't know why=) But one thing for sure,i'm happy to see the children got the chance to study and learn.The school building is nice and well-structured and i'm happy...again^_^ Education create oppurtunity where everyone should deserve it.Wherever you're or who ur u still need to learn bcause to learn is the only way to improve your life and help ur family and urself.So,that's the oppurtunity,the chance to improve and lastly chase for ur dream=) The qoute "Education = Oppurtunity" is made by Queen Rania The Queen Jordan.She is one of the humanitarian figures in the world and one of my inspriration.

9.15 a.m

My father is driving=) waiting for the green light....:)

As u can see there,there's Kuala pilah's Town....(part of it) I'm sorry if u can't see it clearly cz "xkan ler na amik gmba,kluar jap,g tgh2 laluan jln tu then masuk blik,,,x ke peliks di situ" =D

The Masjid=)
My BSN!=)

Trang trang tang tanggggg=) Here is my (will be) Kolej Matrikulasi! Hehe=D Since we can't go in,so the only picture that i can snap is the Official Board of KMNS.Dissapointed lil bit=(

 So,here is the picture=) Btw,the welcome banner for the new intake student is already hanging outside and i said..."wow,,,so fast,,,x saba ehhh" hee~~ Then.My parents and I go to a restaurant to having their breakfast,,,,(yup,they didn't break-it-fast yet,,,,hee~~??)

The second time i be here....promote restorant pulak.

                                                                  Second's Agenda

11.45 a.m

After i just got back home from Pilah,now it's the time with my brother.While my parents going back to "kampung"....(maen shift2 org plak ak ni,,,=)) My parents said that my brother will treat me for the study stuffs,,,happy! brother said that he can only treat me limited to RM100,,,HEH! (believe me,it's not enough,,,how can??) nahhh,,,i didn't take it personally,,, a wee bit,,,hehe~~ I don't care,i still wanted to shop! at least i can bought something.So,since it was limited to RM100,the things i wanted to buy is also limited! namely stationery and toiletery.Obviously,Popular's Bookshop and Watson=D

                                                      acece,,,,my bro=P

That's is one of the tallest building in seremban,,,,,other than Royale Seremban=)

The common place for peoples in Smban...

Popular's Bookshop is the first place i went to.I had my list on my hand and the first one the list is Matric's books=) I've heard that these books are hard to find.While checking it on,yup,there's no Matriculation except for Mathematics.When i looked at the content,,,,hahaXD IT'S not MATH,IT'S ADD here come the add math again,we're really a good friend aren't we,,,,add math??,,,,,HEH...^_____^

                                             Sweetniblet,,,the bag's zippp,,,,,sheesshh

 1.05 p.m

Nuff shoppin'.Lunch's time! My mother asked my brother (before we came to terminal) to take me lunch bcause my mother is still at "kampung" and again he had to treat me,,,haha(evil sound of laugh) We end up eating at Kopitiam and it's afford-ABLE=) I choose to eat Chicken vegetable soup and plain water(bestest water-to-drink ever) while my brother Nasi paprik and Tea.

                                                    Chicken Veggie Souppppppppp,,,,=)

                                                             It's delicious,,,trust me!:D

My brother's lunch meal....

                                                         Who want tea?? my brother...=D

1.40 p.m

Suddenly i remember that i wanted to but purse for a long timeee and since i got not much money left in my purse yg da jahanam ni,,,(that's y i want to buy a new one) so,my budget will be below than RM20.I've to walk around to find the fit one on my budget.So,i've found this "cumel" purse and it costs only RM10! Must buy! hee~~ Then,i asked my brother to window shopping with me bcause i don't want to be back home yet,,,,bolinnnkkk laaa...=( he said ok and YES! =D Just want to find some piece of inspirations...

                                                       Not too crowded,,,,like sunday,,,,

                                             Owhhh Parkson,,,,great place for shopping!

2.00 p.m

Heading home=)

Here are some of the things that i bought,,,,my FAV=)

                                                                   The RM10 purse!

                                                                   I love the design!

                                                                "cumel" Sticky notes!

P/S: This is my second time wrote this entry bcause i had accidentally delete the first one!! really pissed me off!....owhh,,,backache...