Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kepada awak,,,

Saya nak kenal awak, tapi sy x nak couple, x semestinya berkawan baik tak bole taaruf.
Saya nak kenal awak sbb sy ada niat nak kawin dengan awak, sy x main-main.
Saya tahu awak perlu kan masa selepas apa yg berlaku kat awak.
Saya kadang-kadang sedih tgk awak sedih, sbb saya nak awak gembira.
Saya kadang-kadang sedih, sebab awak macam x pedulikan saya.
Saya faham awak perlukan masa.
Saya tahu saya x secantik dan secomel si dia.
Tapi saya boleh beri awak cinta dan setia.
Dengan izin ALLAH yang maha Esa.
Mungkin awak tak perasan sy beri perhatian kat awak.
Saya x suka panggil awak dengan panggilan yang kasar.
Saya sudi dengar cerita awak.
Saya cuba untuk memahami minat awak.
Saya cuba tolerate dgn awak walaupun ada masa saya terasa dengan awak.
Saya cuba terima kekurangan awak.
Saya cuba dan sudi dengar kritikan awak.
Saya ambil tahu apa yg awak minat,
Paling penting saya cuba buat awak happy.
Tapi semua perkara ni tiada guna kalau awak tak perasan dan awak x cuba utk kenal saya.
Saya tak paksa awak,
Tapi saya akan terus mencuba,
Kerana cinta itu perlu dicari sampailah kepada waktunya...


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another facet of life.

As salam,,,

I saw many pics from Orientation's week in UNIMAS. Wahh,,,it remind me a year ago of being a freshie. Didn't expect anything and Alhamdulillah never had homesick or missing home too much. I am surprised by it. Quite weird because I didn't feel I like to be at home unless for a period of time that u needed to go back home, to visit your parents, brother and sister. But still not for a long time.

Seeing akak-akak and abg-abg yg jadi LO, membuat saya jeles woo~. I know become a LO is a tiring one but if it fill with happiness, nothing is tiring. Become part of facilitator in Youth of Borneo (YOB), gave me hope to be a LO but luck is not on my side and I believe there is a better, awesome reason for it. God is good!

3 months living with family is something that I would appreciate and spend time with them as much as I can. Do good and help parents. Take time for personal quality time. Learn how to cook (kene blajar tok, penting tuk masa hadapan ne). Play games. Surf internet as much as I can (because after going back to UNIMAS, I dont think I will in an active mode for internet. The only time that I can get to internet was after afternoon lecture, dalam pukul 3 lebih camtu and go to lab FSS or if rajin malam turun dekat Cafe BRC). Meet friends. Off to towns. Think when your are alone in your room or be a loner (not forever alone). Cry as much as you can. Laugh like a crazy. Sing songs out loud. Sleep a lot. And most important is the time where you can spend time alone with ALLAH and says whatever you wanted, be it a small problem to big problem. Prepare your heart and mind. Be ready. It is like charging your battery phone. Take a rest for some time and when you're ready, let move on! Preparation for another 4 months is truly needed. When time come, you need to go. Go find yourself in another places.

Being a second year student, I don't expect anything but feel like it will be a lot more thing going to be happen. Joining a persatuan fakulti is a big amanah and I want and will try my best. Problems will come because life are meant to be tested. I pray to ALLAH to have a strong heart and stay in a right path. Life is not easy. We are only human, that why we have God. To surrender to him. A pain come from a heart is for HIM and from HIM. A happiness come from a heart is for HIM and from HIM. Redha.

Here I am again. Facing another facet of life. I really hope I can face the reality and be a good human. ^__^

p/s: Yee haa! beg tak kemas lagi! =D

Monday, September 2, 2013

For you, from her.

As salam,
Long time never post anything. A quick post for today. A short poem. Not really a poem. More to inspirational words I guess. Anyone can be the role but yes,I do have a solid reason what make me wrote this piece.

Terimalah,,, acece =P

You are indeed a subtle person.
Look cool outside. Inside is different.
I want to tell you, how much proud I am of you.
You did have a potential to become somebody.
You do what you think is right.
You have your own ideas.
Even if I didn't say anything about it, does not mean I'm not agree.
You become just who you are.
I can spend time to hear your thoughts.
I am delightful to do so.
If there is something we don't agree, we can always talk.
Give and take.
In silence, far from sight, I supported you.
Don't give up ya.

p/s: Esok,lusa,tulat,tubin,bertemu. ^^

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I lied.

I laughed with my friends,
I smiled to the everyone,
But how can I be happy if there is a wound in my heart?

I lied.

I lied to everyone, how happy am I, how eager am I, but the truth is,,,


I did what I think I should do,
No, I am not leaving everything behind like it was nothing,
I kept walking ahead with my memories,
for at least I didn't lied to myself.

Time healed me,
I laughed with my friends,
I smiled to everyone,

I've stopped lied.

Until then,
Came another trial.

p/s: Life indeed a though challenge. There were time of ups and downs. But that doesn't mean you have to stop trying. There were trial and errors. Embrace the life as it is.

"The best way out is always through
- Robert Frost

Monday, July 1, 2013

I am a rose with thorns.

As salam,,,

Hi everyone!

Long time no update with my blog and it is because my bb a.k.a broadband has been stop due to i lost it last year. I don't know where i place it and i had been scolded by my brother and my father. Well, peoples do sometimes misplace something and forget it. Humans are no perfect and that why pencils have erasers! Talking about perfection, I have this one song that I like and would like to show u. I find it beautiful because the words are meaningful. Plus, the rhythm is nice. It is a song by Lee Hi, and the title is Rose. I post the English lyric down below.

                                                           My love is like a red rose
It may be beautiful now
But my sharp thorns will hurt you
My love is like a red rose
Yes, I may be fragrant
But the closer you get, the more I’ll hurt you

Don’t look at me with that light glance
Don’t speak of love easily
If you want my heart, you need to take my pain too

Because you will be pricked by my thorns someday

Don’t trust me too much
You don’t know me that well yet

So just run away run away
I said ooh ooh ooh
Don’t love me
You don’t know me that well yet
I said run away just run away
Don’t come to me

My love is like a red rose
It may be beautiful now
But my sharp thorns will hurt you
My love is like a red rose
Yes, I may be fragrant
But the closer you get, the more I’ll hurt you

Seeing your confidence makes me feel so bad for you
Your confident footsteps toward me looks so pitiful today
Emotions? That’s an extravagance to me
Love? That’s Obsession’s best friend
So run away just run away
Cuz you and I must come to an end

Every rose has its thorn
Every rose has its thorn
Every rose has its thorn

Don’t trust me too much
You don’t know me that well yet
So just run away run away

I said ooh ooh ooh
Don’t love me

You don’t know me that well yet
I said run away just run away
Don’t come to me
My love is like a red rose
It may be beautiful now
But my sharp thorns will hurt you
My love is like a red rose
Yes, I may be fragrant
But the closer you get, the more I’ll hurt you.

The large font is the part where I would like to highlight. Basically, it is about when you find someone that you like and yes, you fall-in-like with the person. At first, you may see that person perfect, beautiful, handsome, and yeah, everything excellent. But, not until one day, when you know the truth about that person. You started to feel uneasy and disbelieve. Perhaps. It is normal. I think this is the line that separate the difference between love and like. When you like, it is because of something that person may have and make you entertained and happy when you see it. Only the good part of that person that you like but not as a whole. Love is when you love that person because of who he or she is. You unlikely to disappoint when he or she makes mistakes. Less of high expectations. It may not an ideal person that you dream of but, you just seems to be perfect together. Apa orang kate, saling melengkapi, haa mcm tu la. Bila ada yg kurang, yg lagi sorang akan tlg cover dan sebaliknya. Menerima dengan seadanya. Acece~ =P

This song remind a guy or girl about imperfection. Before you fall in love to someone, you have to realized something important. Let us put in this way, I think it will be easy to understand. Btw, this is just a story^^

There is a girl name Wafa, and she fall in love with this boy name, %^&8!. And that boy seems like her too. She wanted to tell the boy about how she feels. So she wrote a letter.

            Dear %#$&!,

             I do like you and you're soo nice. But before we going to any further relationship, I would like to tell you something. You may see i smiles all the times, laughing, and happy-go-lucky. But, there was a time when i feel down and i rarely show it to others. I do have flaws that only my family knew and few of my friends. I cry because i knew i was abnormal. You may feel weird of what i'm talking about. My smiles doesn't show who am I. Because of the flaws, i will hurt you. Because of the flaws, you may feel uncomfortable. Honestly speaking, if you want to go away from me or make less contact to me, please do so. I don't want to hurt you in future. I don't want you to regret later. You don't know me well yet and because of that, you might think I am perfect for you. You may say nice words to me, beautiful words. Don't be confident. Peoples do changes. You may like me at first but later who knows, you don't anymore. Maybe because at that time you already knew my flaws, and you run away from me. So, I give you a chance to do so. But if you think you're confident enough that you can confront me, and accept me as the way i am regardless of my flaws or any imperfections of mine, i am happy to know you too. 

Your sincerely,

I am sorry if the letter i wrote dalam cerita ni tak ikut format ke hape ke, well this is not EPP btw. heheXD~
When I read back, I think, agak strong ayat nya. Yeahh. This is honest. Berkata lah benar walaupun pahit pada hakikatnya. Mesti bapak terkejut that guy bila dia baca. Muehehehe~ apekah? kenapakah? mengapakah? Girls memang complicated. Sorry to say lah kan. But guys out there, you have to understand. I  think I found out about guy that they don't like ayat putar belit. Perempuan bila dia nak bercerita, they will berkias sampai lah penamatnya. Punya lah berkias dia tu sampai guys penat nak berfikir. Apakah yang cuba nak disampaikan oleh perempuan tu?. HahaXD Sebab tu lelaki tak suka berkias bagai ni, for them is the best to just tell the truth. Just honest with them. Baru mereka boleh digest apekah? mengapakah? kenapakah? I hope this letter tak kuat sgtlah kan berkiasnya. =P

Anyway, the favorite sentence of mine in this song is "every rose has its thorn". That the main point. Some of us may interpret differently of the sentence meaning and I think it depends on a person's observation or experiences. I had do the Yahoo-ing and I find this one perfect meaning.

 "...Even the rose, beautiful and enticing, is not without its flaws; the prickly thorns of the rose can poke and pierce the flesh. In fact, there is a type of plant in the Rose family, Hawthorn, whose thorns are toxic to the eye, and scratching of the cornea with it often leads to loss of vision. Even something as beautiful as a rose has its flaws..."

There are multiples adages about rose and all of them have a very nice meaning such as "He who want a rose must respect the thorn" and "From a thorn comes a rose, and from a rose comes a thorn". 

"..."He who wants a rose must respect the thorn". Here too the idea of imperfection is expressed, teaching that one can only have a loving relationship with another after respecting that individual's differences and flaws..."

"..."From a thorn comes a rose, and from a rose comes a thorn" teaches that something that begins as an imperfection or flaw can grow to be as beautiful as a rose. So too something as stunning as a rose is also not perfect, for within, there are also flaws..."

I just merely copy and paste from this website of all the meaning because I think this is the best explanation.

p/s : I love this one quote from Kak Fatima Syarha,,,Cinta boleh lenyap bersama lenyapnya sebab. Kuingin mencintainya kerana Allah. Lantaran aku yakin, hanya Allah tidak akan lenyap.”
Btw, Ramadhan is on the way! =)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Planning time!

As salam,,,

Howdy peeps?!

There will be another few hours before i'm going back to Sarawak. Sementara ada mase ni, na cerita la kan. Based on my plan, I will not coming home until January next year which is January 2014. So, cuti after this semester, I want to take antarasesi. Although kebiasaannya antarasesi ni lebih mengutamakan senior yg na graduate because this is the time where they want to finish all the subjects mane yg x sempat na abis tu kan. Anyway, I still gonna do it, xpela, senior pun senior lah kan. Harap mereka baik-baik dgn sy =) Dalam antarasesi ni, I want to take elective courses like Languages ka, or generics ka. I really do want to learn Arabic, Iban and Chinese. I take this three language as my priority. and of course i do have my own reasons why. I will take Arabic class first. Then Iban and Chinese but as for Iban and Chinese, I do have something else the plan for both of the languages. I might not take the class formally but informal. I have few friends that can teach me Chinese and Iban. So maybe I can ask their guidance kan to teach me. I really hope so.

On my second sem mid term break, I want to travel to Sabah and stay at my friend's house. Insy-ALLAH, biiznillah. I hope this will be happen. Ramai org kate yg Sabah tempat dye cantik,pantai yg cantik, budaya yg cantik and so on la. Really excited when I heard that! And lot and lot of pictures yg nak diambil! XD I also plan to go to Bintulu, to see my bro and my friend. I plan to go on weekend because that is the only time yg ada since cuti mid sem dah occupy dgn g ke Sabah.

One problem yg paling I risau ialah,,,,,MONEYYY~ hahaXD

Igt duit PTPTN tu utk berjalan sane sini ke? hehe,,,thu punnn,,, well I try to follow what my parents said la kan. JIMAT! haha,,,memang kene TRY. Duduk U one thing yg kene blajar is mengurus kewangan. Laen la if your family is rich. Nang ku sik kesah. Jenjalan sia sitok pun sik risau la. =P

Sepanjang cuti ni, sy na mengucapkan terima kasih bnyk2 kpd kwn2 yg sudi menemani sy kuar jenjalan. Mungkin x sume, ad yg x dpt, xpe2,,, ad hikmah disebalik tu. Senyum selalu! Minta maaf jgak if ada wat salah terutama percakapan ke, message ke, chat ke. Love you guys so much!

p/s : Walau apa2 pun plan, yg tentukan adalah dgn ketentuan Illahi. Harap dpt tingkatkan prestasi belajar pasni,,,aamiin =)

Layan Matlufti jap sempena konvo eaa~~^^ Congrats.!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Friend Forever

As salam,,,

How can I not Love you my friend?
You came to me and say good words.
We spend time together and have a conversation.
You allowed me to speak what from my heart.
You give me your time to hear what i said.
You corrected me when i was wrong.
We laughed, We smiled, We say loved when we know we are meant to be friend forever,,,