Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kepada awak,,,

Saya nak kenal awak, tapi sy x nak couple, x semestinya berkawan baik tak bole taaruf.
Saya nak kenal awak sbb sy ada niat nak kawin dengan awak, sy x main-main.
Saya tahu awak perlu kan masa selepas apa yg berlaku kat awak.
Saya kadang-kadang sedih tgk awak sedih, sbb saya nak awak gembira.
Saya kadang-kadang sedih, sebab awak macam x pedulikan saya.
Saya faham awak perlukan masa.
Saya tahu saya x secantik dan secomel si dia.
Tapi saya boleh beri awak cinta dan setia.
Dengan izin ALLAH yang maha Esa.
Mungkin awak tak perasan sy beri perhatian kat awak.
Saya x suka panggil awak dengan panggilan yang kasar.
Saya sudi dengar cerita awak.
Saya cuba untuk memahami minat awak.
Saya cuba tolerate dgn awak walaupun ada masa saya terasa dengan awak.
Saya cuba terima kekurangan awak.
Saya cuba dan sudi dengar kritikan awak.
Saya ambil tahu apa yg awak minat,
Paling penting saya cuba buat awak happy.
Tapi semua perkara ni tiada guna kalau awak tak perasan dan awak x cuba utk kenal saya.
Saya tak paksa awak,
Tapi saya akan terus mencuba,
Kerana cinta itu perlu dicari sampailah kepada waktunya...


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another facet of life.

As salam,,,

I saw many pics from Orientation's week in UNIMAS. Wahh,,,it remind me a year ago of being a freshie. Didn't expect anything and Alhamdulillah never had homesick or missing home too much. I am surprised by it. Quite weird because I didn't feel I like to be at home unless for a period of time that u needed to go back home, to visit your parents, brother and sister. But still not for a long time.

Seeing akak-akak and abg-abg yg jadi LO, membuat saya jeles woo~. I know become a LO is a tiring one but if it fill with happiness, nothing is tiring. Become part of facilitator in Youth of Borneo (YOB), gave me hope to be a LO but luck is not on my side and I believe there is a better, awesome reason for it. God is good!

3 months living with family is something that I would appreciate and spend time with them as much as I can. Do good and help parents. Take time for personal quality time. Learn how to cook (kene blajar tok, penting tuk masa hadapan ne). Play games. Surf internet as much as I can (because after going back to UNIMAS, I dont think I will in an active mode for internet. The only time that I can get to internet was after afternoon lecture, dalam pukul 3 lebih camtu and go to lab FSS or if rajin malam turun dekat Cafe BRC). Meet friends. Off to towns. Think when your are alone in your room or be a loner (not forever alone). Cry as much as you can. Laugh like a crazy. Sing songs out loud. Sleep a lot. And most important is the time where you can spend time alone with ALLAH and says whatever you wanted, be it a small problem to big problem. Prepare your heart and mind. Be ready. It is like charging your battery phone. Take a rest for some time and when you're ready, let move on! Preparation for another 4 months is truly needed. When time come, you need to go. Go find yourself in another places.

Being a second year student, I don't expect anything but feel like it will be a lot more thing going to be happen. Joining a persatuan fakulti is a big amanah and I want and will try my best. Problems will come because life are meant to be tested. I pray to ALLAH to have a strong heart and stay in a right path. Life is not easy. We are only human, that why we have God. To surrender to him. A pain come from a heart is for HIM and from HIM. A happiness come from a heart is for HIM and from HIM. Redha.

Here I am again. Facing another facet of life. I really hope I can face the reality and be a good human. ^__^

p/s: Yee haa! beg tak kemas lagi! =D

Monday, September 2, 2013

For you, from her.

As salam,
Long time never post anything. A quick post for today. A short poem. Not really a poem. More to inspirational words I guess. Anyone can be the role but yes,I do have a solid reason what make me wrote this piece.

Terimalah,,, acece =P

You are indeed a subtle person.
Look cool outside. Inside is different.
I want to tell you, how much proud I am of you.
You did have a potential to become somebody.
You do what you think is right.
You have your own ideas.
Even if I didn't say anything about it, does not mean I'm not agree.
You become just who you are.
I can spend time to hear your thoughts.
I am delightful to do so.
If there is something we don't agree, we can always talk.
Give and take.
In silence, far from sight, I supported you.
Don't give up ya.

p/s: Esok,lusa,tulat,tubin,bertemu. ^^