Thursday, February 14, 2013

Planning time!

As salam,,,

Howdy peeps?!

There will be another few hours before i'm going back to Sarawak. Sementara ada mase ni, na cerita la kan. Based on my plan, I will not coming home until January next year which is January 2014. So, cuti after this semester, I want to take antarasesi. Although kebiasaannya antarasesi ni lebih mengutamakan senior yg na graduate because this is the time where they want to finish all the subjects mane yg x sempat na abis tu kan. Anyway, I still gonna do it, xpela, senior pun senior lah kan. Harap mereka baik-baik dgn sy =) Dalam antarasesi ni, I want to take elective courses like Languages ka, or generics ka. I really do want to learn Arabic, Iban and Chinese. I take this three language as my priority. and of course i do have my own reasons why. I will take Arabic class first. Then Iban and Chinese but as for Iban and Chinese, I do have something else the plan for both of the languages. I might not take the class formally but informal. I have few friends that can teach me Chinese and Iban. So maybe I can ask their guidance kan to teach me. I really hope so.

On my second sem mid term break, I want to travel to Sabah and stay at my friend's house. Insy-ALLAH, biiznillah. I hope this will be happen. Ramai org kate yg Sabah tempat dye cantik,pantai yg cantik, budaya yg cantik and so on la. Really excited when I heard that! And lot and lot of pictures yg nak diambil! XD I also plan to go to Bintulu, to see my bro and my friend. I plan to go on weekend because that is the only time yg ada since cuti mid sem dah occupy dgn g ke Sabah.

One problem yg paling I risau ialah,,,,,MONEYYY~ hahaXD

Igt duit PTPTN tu utk berjalan sane sini ke? hehe,,,thu punnn,,, well I try to follow what my parents said la kan. JIMAT! haha,,,memang kene TRY. Duduk U one thing yg kene blajar is mengurus kewangan. Laen la if your family is rich. Nang ku sik kesah. Jenjalan sia sitok pun sik risau la. =P

Sepanjang cuti ni, sy na mengucapkan terima kasih bnyk2 kpd kwn2 yg sudi menemani sy kuar jenjalan. Mungkin x sume, ad yg x dpt, xpe2,,, ad hikmah disebalik tu. Senyum selalu! Minta maaf jgak if ada wat salah terutama percakapan ke, message ke, chat ke. Love you guys so much!

p/s : Walau apa2 pun plan, yg tentukan adalah dgn ketentuan Illahi. Harap dpt tingkatkan prestasi belajar pasni,,,aamiin =)

Layan Matlufti jap sempena konvo eaa~~^^ Congrats.!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Friend Forever

As salam,,,

How can I not Love you my friend?
You came to me and say good words.
We spend time together and have a conversation.
You allowed me to speak what from my heart.
You give me your time to hear what i said.
You corrected me when i was wrong.
We laughed, We smiled, We say loved when we know we are meant to be friend forever,,,

Friday, February 8, 2013

"How to" post : Fried Ice Cream (Karipap version)

As salam,,,

Evening everyone!

So long i never updated about baking or cooking, (mcm la ak ni pandai masak sgt,,ehehe =P). Today, ak na post pasal aiskrim goreng! atau lebih tepat lagi macam mane na buat nyer. I think this recipe, yg i will show today is the simplest one. Depend pada kreativiti masing2. Na buat bentuk apa2 pun bole, bentuk love ke, bentuk buku ke, bentuk ikan ke. Fun ya know! (Y) or maybe add a little colour to it by using colourful icing ke. Meriah la skit. Huhu~

This is my second post about baking sume2 ni, my first attempt is cupcake. You can find it on the list on your right. If you want la kan. Tanpa membuang masa lg, juh, jom, aram, let get started!

 Bahan- bahan:

1. Roti
2. Ice cream
3. Tepung Gandum

Cara- cara :

1. Gelekkan roti. Brape banyak pun x kesah. Jangan leper sgt sbb nnt ice cream tu terkeluar.

2. For my version, i used shape of a curry puff. Since my mom had this tiny curry puff punyer acuan. But before that, you can shaped the roti to round shape by using scissor or knife. Anything as long as you comfortable use it. 

3. Put a little amount of ice cream into it then close it by using the acuan. (actually i dont know what "acuan" word in english, sebab malas na bukak dictionary so that y i just use the word acuan, pardon me,, lolXD)

4. Don't forget to glue the curry puff using the tepung gandum. Yes, that tepung gandum is use to secure the curry puff and avoid the ice cream from spill out. Campurkan sedikit air into the tepung gandum and there it is, a glue! Instead of using it, you can also use the yellow egg as a glue. 

5. After done doing the curry puff, letakkan di satu tempat and buat lagi sampai yg korang nak. 
6. Then goreng time!

7. Jgn masak terlalu lame, just agak2 dalam satu setengah minit ke. Kalo minyak tu panas, sekejap je masak tu.
8. Ta-Da! Da siap masak bolehlah hidangkannya. Sory presentation tak cantik! =P

p/s : Hope enjoy it!