Monday, October 29, 2012

Sarawak,,, i am coming again!

As salam,,,

Lama gilak kamek sik tulis dalam blog ni. Rindu,,rindu=D haha,my first attempt wrote in bhs melayu Sarawak in this blog. First time ak dgr bhs sarawak ni mase kecik2 dulu time iklan Maybank yg sorang perempuan ni dari Sarawak blajar kat overseas call parent dye and speak bhs Sarawak with her mom. The first word that i learned from her in bhs Sarawak is "engak irau". The commercial break show her father had a harimau tatoo if i not mistaken at his betis and her mom told that do not worry,her father is strong~^^

At that moment,i started to think that how is the Sarawak peoples? How is the Sarawak places look like? it was very attracted to me,, ni lah yg bermain dlm fikiran ak. 8 years ago,i had been to Sarawak with my family. One of the reasons of courselah wanted to have a nice vacation and the sweet part is my father want to give me chance to naik belon~ awwww,,,touching sy =') we go Sri Aman and lived at my father's friend house.

The best moment is when my father's friend brought us to rumah panjang. Masa tu kan ak kecik lagi,so dalam otak ak pun berlegar2 ayat2 sume."owh,,rumah panjang,,ada belajar kat sekolah ni,dye panggil rumah panjang sebab rumah dye memang panjang pastu tinggi,,,". Inilah pemikiran kanak2 aku.

Sesampai ak di rumah panjang tu, i saw many pokok lada. Again bermain2 dlm otak ak utk membina ayt,,,"aah,,yela,,,kan ada belajar kat sekolah yg kat sarawak ada banyk pokok lada,,mcm na rse skit pulak,,"  Masuk2 je rumah panjang tu,the spaces inside the house is wide and there are many doors leads to the family room.I guess.I heard there were someone watching the TV inside the room and they have astro. Hebat kan mereka?? =)

Then,they served us with biskut and air teh =) all of them gathered around us and only my father's friend je yg speak with them because only him can understand what they are talking about. There was one of these peoples talking to my brother and my brother just anguk2,,,then i think,"abg ni faham ke ap orang tu ckp?" then my father's friend mencelah,,,yg ni ak fhm ap yg my father's friend try to speak,,,dye ckp kat org tu yg abg ak ni x reti ckp bhs dyorang pun,,,just abg aku ni je buat2 faham.Ak time tu na tersenyum ada,tergelak ada,,,malu my bro,,hahaXD

One thing la kan,after we finished minum,,,they will tuang air teh tu. For the first time is ok la kan,,then for the many times,,after we finished je minum air teh tu,they again will tuang and tuang air teh inside our cup. Then i monolog,"kalo mcm ni bile na habis ni,,,kang x abis minum kang rasa bersalah pulak,,,tapi bila habis minum kang,mesti org tu tuang lagi,,,mcmne niiii~~" My father's friend pun ckp la kat my family,,,dyorang memang suke tuang air after the guest abis minum.,,,Owhhhhh,they treated us very nice la =D

Actually mase ak dtg umah panjang tu,they having a problem. How did i know,from my father's friend la. I didnt quite remember what was the problem but the idea is that dyorang ada masalah dalam menentukan ketua rumah panjang tersebut. A long story. I think masa dulu,they should be this guy yg jadi ketua but then time tu he is still a young boy,so x ley jd ketua because muda lagi kot.Someone else yg gantikan but now he is no longer a young boy anymore and he should become the leader. The problem is maybe he didn't want to become the ketua kot,,,something like that la the story. Tu je la yg ak ley ingat~

While we were gathered,there is a one girl,,,i like her because she is sooo beautiful. Putih melepak,have a long black hair and cantik laa. Jeles ak time tu. Masa tu la a fikir yg orang Sarawak ni cantik2 and the guy pulak hensem2. Serious. They are soo handsome and beautiful. Time tu jugak ak berangan...haha,adoiXD

Anyway,this is my story when im in Sarawak 8 years ago and i never thought that i will be here again. I am happy and you know what,,,im falling in love with Sarawak <3 p="p">

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