Thursday, March 31, 2011

Twins Language??

Well,i think most of you had known this video because it's all over the youtube!! 6.6 millions viewers!! How big numbers is thattttt haaaa?? When you watched the video,you might wondering..."wth,they're talking about?" Righttttt?? bcoz i'm too.I think there are fighthing and then laugh,then fighthing,then laugh.One said..."oh NO NO NO NO" with the hands all around,the legs:P it's CUTEEEE!! But,i believe,twins had a special connection between them,one can feel what the other feel,one can know what the other thinking about...i might think there're peoples who did some research on this.If it does,thumb up! COOL!! i'm gonna post the video here and it's better for you to watch!! :)


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mysterious Friend...

Have you ever wonder if one day you will meet someone that read your letter 24 years later?? Who know? But the reality have proved it and it can be happened=) There's is a boy name Frank from Germany travel to Denmark with his father.He wrote a letter then put it inside a bottle.24 years later,a kid from russia found it and opened it.It's sound interesting right?? If you want to know more,i give you this link and hope you're enjoying it:) THE LINK IS BELOWWWW------------

P/S:This story is kinda same with Letters to Juliet,where sophie(I guess) found a 50 years old letter!=)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who are we to be emotional?
Who are we to play with hearts and throw away it all?

Oh, who are we to turn each other's heads?
Who are we to find ourselves in other people's beds?
Oh, I don't like the way I never listen to myself
I feel like I'm on fire
I'm too shy to cry for help
Oh, I don't think you know me much at all
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
I'm feeling down about this love
Who are you to make me feel so good?
Who are we to tell ourselves that we're misunderstood?
Oh, who am I to say I'm always yours?
Who am I to choose the boy that everyone adores?
Oh, I don't see a reason why we can't just be apart
Not falling on each other like we're always in the dark
Oh, I don't think you know me much at all, at all
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
(At all)
This love is not what you want
This heart will never be yours
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall

P/S: Love matter is complicated,it can be good,bad,happy,sad,...and it can be your downfall...

Monday, March 28, 2011


I went to a some sort of motivational program today..(it's not really...wtv..:P) and i love it.We did a test called SDS that's for abbreviation but for the long name,i dont remember...It was invented by John Holland (i supposed) and it's for a career test based on your personality and desired.I've did it before and i got the same result again.I get a SAI @ SAE code which is stand for Social,Artistic,Investigation,Enterprising.Well,i think,i'm most appeal to become a psychologist and i think i got a right code (i really hope so!)

The things that i wanted to post for today is actually about someone.I didnt hate that person,or i didnt like that much.But what to do? only as a friend.So,i've this one of my girl friends and she had mention that if someone did something that you dont prefer with or didn't get along very well,just take it easy or just treat that person well and be friend like before.Why would i bringing up this matter? It's because there's someone that i know,and i like it at first but then,something went wrong.I'm started to think why,why and why? i can felt that sometimes,that person is ignoring me.Well,this is not the first time and i supposed to not care so much...i hate to admitted but i've to...if you like someone,why dont you just be equal with everybody....i dont want to blame anyone but it's annoying me.....i just wanted to say,"So? if you like that person so damn MUCH! why dont you just tell that person! daaa! okayyyyy,i know WE have the rule but mannnnn,it's really annoying me! but....So,What??? well,that's your life and i shouldn't take care too whatever you want...nuff said...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A New Life begins....

Greetings:) The moment that i've waited for so long have arrived...haha:D naaah,it's nothing,it's about the SPM Result...and before anythings,questions or answers or anything as long as it's reasonable...i'm happy for my result,Alhamdulillah:) even though,some of the subjects didn't meet my expectations but however,it's done,finished...and move on to the next stage of life:) as i always said before,let bygone,be bygone....the thing is what's next? ahaa,of course it's is about "which Uni do you want and what field do you want to be involved with".As for that questions,i will answered,University Nottingham Malaysian Campus and i want to be involved in psychology.Why psychology? It's because i love humans as i love to know their mind and behaviour works towards particular things such as enviroment,self,health...e.t.c.But the things is,is there a vast job markets for psychology students? Yes, can google it,yahoo,bing,Msn....e.c.t...LOLxp Most of the malaysians viewed psychology is related to "mental disease" which is uncorrect.You can be a a clinical psychologist or health psychologist.In both of this jobs,there are several branches like health psychologist,if i not mistaken,you can be someone who can advice the community about nutritions or the "eating right" method.Intriguing isn't it?:)

But anythings need for plan B,yes i've the plan B which is the UIAM and i want to take the Humanities Foundation or TESL...Plan C,hmmm,i didn't think it clearly yet but i'm sure they will come out later on.I heard a lot of things going debated now like Matriks or Diploma? Both of them is great but only the duration is different.One is short and another is long.Based on my result,i dont think i wanted matriks.Diploma? I think that's is plan C or D (LOL)...still thinking though:( Well,i hope i choose the best for myself and for the future.Wallahualam...

P/S: Thanks to my first follower,my "kak long":) <3 maybe someone will have a thought about it,"why i didnt have many followers? Have you used Adsense or nuffnag or e.t.c? Well,I've my own reasons why i didn't publicize to much about my day i will be like Hanis Zalikha,or Hana-Tajima or anyone who had many followers on their blog! or maybe i can do Vlog like Shaytard??(Wondering who shaytard haa? Go find in youtube...i love theee vlog that sometimes make my day=D)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Such a long time i never post anything.Well,there had been a lot of things going on this lately.Everything.Sad,happy,miserable...all is moody.Today is another humiliate thing happened to me.For me it's a humiliate things when you speak false about Islam.I'm not an expert to talk about Islam,the best religious of all but i willing to gain and achieve as much as i can about islam because of Allah.Okay,here the thing,I had misunderstood about luck.I never thought luck is like fortune-teller.I just think luck is from Allah and i didn't mean other meaning of it.I mean luck like a chance.That everyone deserves to get it from Allah.Allah know what best for us and he gives a lot of chances because He loves us all.He always be our side.He want us to get the light.That what i mean by chances.I'm not trying to denying Allah order or more worse than that cause i loves Him.Everyone should.

Someone in FB debating with me about luck and when i know the truth,i totally lost it.I'm wrong and he said to me that "you are just like an atheist or liberal islamic".That statement really stunt me.I'm not! It's maybe because i think luck from another perspective.Psychology.The goal that i wanted to make is i want everybody happy that we have the chances in every moment we breath.From Allah.Non the others! but i never think it properly from the first place.I just talk in psychology after all but not in islam perspectives.I loves psychology but I really need to be careful when it comes link to islam.I was so embarassed but i really got something from it.I really wants to make everybody happy.It's one of my aspiration.

P/S:I make a new profile in FB because i really miss all my friends but i need to be careful this time...