Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Blabberrrrrr...

Hi guys! It's been a long time since i've never updated my blog,,,i got a lot to share things with all of you but i'm kind of lazy this lately,,,i tend to procrastinate.I do have a lot of ideas like tips on diet or make-up or anything about personality but yeah,,,procrastination what made me so damn lazy,,,Ok,whatever it's,i'm now posting another article which is good for me!=)

Lately,i'm kinda having a rough time.I think most of us did have an unpleasent episode at least once in a life.It's normal.On my recent post i did wrote about disorders,,,personality disorders.I think most of us didn't know what the hell it is but if you know it,i don't know if you take it seriously or just for fun or to expand your knowledge or anything.As for me,yes it's a big matter on me.I'm having a difficult time with my own and i don't know whether it's weird or it's just a normal thing to a human being or vice versa.To be honest,i didn't really know myself so much and i even sometimes confused with myself.For example,i tend to moody in a short time,,,like an hours,i felt like i'm happy,but for the next hour,i felt termendously sad,and another our,i felt like energetic and do something vigourous such as dancing,kickboxing,,,(no kidding:3) and then i felt alone,,,i can't sleep becuase i was too excited for some time,and then bla bla bla,,,well,it changes a lots and it's hard.I did some research on that,and i've found something interesting.It's call hypomanic episode,,,and it can be related to cyclothymic disorder.Yeah,it's sound creepy,,,right??  I don't know how to explain because i'm not an expert.Plus,i can't say i've these disorder even though i may have some of their symptoms.To make sure of it,only an expert doctor can diagnose it.You can't make your own conclusion,It's wrong.

Basically what did i do upon i woke up,I will rinse off my face,take wudu' and have a pray.Then open the curtain and turn on the laptop,,,The first site that i open is YouTube,then Yahoo,,,,Facebook is the last one.Sometimes i will wait till evening then i log in or wait till night.On YouTube,i watched any uploaded videos by the youtubers that i've subscribed such as Shaytard,MichellePhan,Sister Amena,juicystar07,,,anything new.You can say YouTube is my television because i was so lazy to go downstairs and turn on the there's nothing that caught my interest.But,,i still watch TV show it like CSI,Oprah Winfrey's Show,Hawaiian Five-O(is this a correct spelling??),and Berita Terkini on TV3,,,e.t.c...yeahh but i'm more addicted to YouTube.It feel like you can watched anything that you wanted(appropriated things only!) and you can know other people's life like vlogging and yeah,you can improve your English,that what i like the most.You can even learn other languages and it's free and oh yeah! you can also find a workout video and you can just follow it! It was totally great! and fun.What the sad things is some of us didn't know how to use Youtube in an exact way and it's the same goes to Facebook.Ok,,,when we wanted to do something,make sure you think before you act.Take as much time do you want.If you skeptical about it,recite dua and ask for guidance.The best of all,,,duas =D

What did you feel about being stucked in your room for hours??? OMG,help me?? I'm one of the victims and i don't like it! "Why don't you find a job?" this type of question,seriously i heard it a lots,not me,but you guys too right?? I will not,,,reason? i do not have any definite answer to it but i'm not...maybe or not.Whatever.I missed study.I missed books,writting,concentration,communication,being busy-ing, this make sense? =D I needed it! Speaking about communication,sometimes i think i wanted to make a video and then post it to youtube.You get rated and comments from people around the world whether they like it or hate it.But for me it was fun.Fun still fun though,,,but the biggest fear is i've to confront with the critics which made me down for several days.I was hard when it come to critic.Paranoia.My mind will blown away and i will become paranoid.Oh Paranoia....please go away from me.I don't want you...full stop.

Royal Wedding,Royal Wedding,Royal Wedding is coming! =D I'm not an obssesed but i will watch it.Prince William was a handsome man and very tall.Kate Middleton,,,i didn't like her that much but hey,i didn't mean i hate her.Wish i could marry a prince...hahaXD Day Dream:) I hope they live happily ever after like what prince and princess should in fairytale but unfortunately,this was reality,,,it's not the same.It's good to wish someone happiness and it's not a crime after all.Lead to harmony.But i think it's too much coverage for the wedding.I know they're royal family but i think don't do it too much because you will not know what will happen in the future...simple and moderate should be enough but anyway,royal still royal.Plus,British Royal Family was the most known royal family in the world,so no wonder if they get a lot of coverage.What about Malaysian's Royal Family?? I hope they will do in a simple way =)

Miss Universe<3 I love this show,,,because of their confidency.The way their speak and walked.I love the final part or top 5 where they will be given a question.It was a impromptu speech.They picked a card where the judges' name written on it and question is depend on the judges that they've got.Some of the question may a wee tricky and some of it sound easy but actually difficult.If i were the they,i will get nerveous.Nerve-racking still nerve-racking but it was interesting and hope the best.It remind me of some of my friend's interview.When i read their article about the experience,i felt like i wanted it too.I wanted to get a scholarship too.But only God know how i feel and the best for me...wallahualam...

P/S: Believe it or not,it take me almost 2 hours for me to finish this article! I hope i'm not the only one...=/

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Exercise isn't benefit at all??

I've found an interesting fact about exercising and guess what exercising will not make you lose your weight!
(..........speechless......) How astonished and amazed i am when i read this fact.Well,when i read whole of it,i kind of agree to it because most of us think that execise is the only way to reduce your weight and in fact there is another factors that must be considerable namely eating the right food=) Why they said that exercising is not good enough because it can stimulated your brain to eat more.After hours your have been sweat,the desired to eat is higher and it's simply beacause you feel hungry.So,when you eat after finished exercising,it's likely to be wasting your time on doing the exercise because the point to exercise is to burn calories.

Let set an example,If you jog for about one hour in your speed,,,you probably have burn 300 calories...then,you're done jog,you will tend to feel hungry and defintely stop by at any restaurants and eat.What it make the jog is wasting is the calories intake from the food that you've order.Say if you've order a food around 400 calories which is more than the calories that you've burn,,,,the hour of exercising is nothing,,,you just merely wasting your time.Well,this is what i've thought and it's scared me! Correct me if i'm wrong.

Vigorous exercise is not a compulsary in losing weight,but what is must is a normal workout such as walk,stepping ladders,fast walking,,,,all the simple things that you can even do in your home.Some of us think that gym is the place for everything in exercise.If you can't make it to the gym then no execise for the day! Nope,nope and nope! This is an unreasonable excuse ever! Okay,here comes the psychology...hehe:D
When you set your mind like the statement,you will never make it.Believe me.It's because you've stuck your mind with a negative excuse.Hey,you can done it at your rome by doing a simple one,like aerobics,choose the low impact if you're a beginner.It' simple and fun.But if you're able to make it to the gym,that's no wrong at all.Wherever you are,exercise is still on the list.Make it simple.:)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Boderline Personality Disorder....Have you ever heard of it?? Well,let me give you a rough view about this disorder,,,it's actually about you personality matter.The problem is you don't know exactly who you are,i think you don't know what your exact personality or identity.Sometimes,it can be too much anxiety,paranoia,afraid to be alone and everything is involve with the persona personality.Ohhh,you moods is often flactuate too.Why disorder? Don't you have anything else to post?? LOL,,,(i love to imaginate myself) It's because i wanted to...daaa...keed! The reason is....i might have this i make a research and read the causes,,,I was shocked because most of it i've it.I personally didn't want to make this is a big deal.I just wanted to share this abnormal thing with you guys,,,,,hey,sharing is caring rightttt?? =D

Actually,there's a lot of disorders...many types of disorder you can find.I even didn't know that narcissist disorder is exist.This show us that we,human is different and we are not perfect,,,,Even though you see one person is happy,vivacious,excited,jubilant (synonym...haha:)) but the truth is you never know what is happening inside them.From here we can conclude that you can't judge person by it look,,,,old saying "don't judge by it cover".But sometimes we did eh,,,and it can be an arguement.ohhh,i hate conflict=(

P/S: What did you feel when you're arguing with someone??

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vintage Fashion...

Elegant,Sophisticated,Classic! Three words that i would describe vintage! I'm truly,deeply in LOVE with vintage fashion! They're so Fabulous! I can feel the sense of fashion around 1930 till was amazing:) Ok,enough for the admiration,,,,,but,i just can't get it enough,,,just like psy=D Vintage Fashion can be seen in the area around as i mention earlier and you can find the images a lot in the internet.What i admire about this vintage look,,,i personally think it looks womanly,grace,beautiful,,,,,ops! something pop in my mind,,,a saying "nice to see nice to hold" is very appeal to this fashion type,,,,my brain intrepreted it.^_-

Even though it was a long time ago fashion but there is still a huge and massive lovers of vintage out there,,,,and we can even see in the street fashion nowdays.Totally beautiful! Who say muslimah can't wear those vintage type of fashion?? Actually,we can modified a little bit to this type of fashion espacially the hijab.You can wear loose style of hijab and wear it along with vintage looks attire.I would love to give it a try and take a shot onto how it look and keep it in my album....(this is one of my dream,take a picture on how do i look and put it in an album,in fact,i also had dreaming about having a room where i can kept all pictures that i've taken and pictures from my childhood and hanging it on the wall.I already have an idea for the room name that is Memories Room=D <3)

You can even wear coat,,,not the thick one,long sleeve coat,and wear it along jean,i would love to choose skinny jean but make sure it doesn't look to fit on your leg...(daaa,the name is "skinny" jean,how can i find the-not-fit one?) i know that but what did i mean is choose maybe 1 or 2 bigger than the exact size of your leg.The reason why i choose skinny jean is mainly because i want to match it with boots....=D You still have another options...

Another idea is maybe you can mix match with long sleeve dress and cardigan.Here you can choose the loose hijab style or a common one,,,the U shape of hijab style.Or you can wear a puffy type of shirt along with non-sleeve short cardigan and maybe wear it along with an afro style of pant,,,again with loose hijab and i will recommended to choose a wide width of shawl such as pashminas.Pashmina is more bigger in the term of width than shawls.Some of the ideas that i've mention earlier can be mix match with the type of volouminous type of hijab style,,,i will say more to the arabian style.This is one of my favourite style of hijab other then loose style.

Well,there're many options on what to wear.All of these ideas come from the inspiration i've got while i browsing the online shopping website.Unfortunately,i've never test it yet and i hope i will one day and like i said before take the picture of it and keep it!! =D This is all only my imagination and i really really hope it turn very well on me and everybody who might wanted to try it! Time for the pictures! and oh yeah! there's a video that i like to post and loved it so much! it was an old footage in the year of 1950,,,,i guess=D Check it out!

This are examples of muslimah vintage,,,,if you dont like it,dont be afraid to modify it,as long as you comfortable with it :)

And as for the video.....

P/S: I'm also love the hairdo for the vintage look...again it look Elegant,Sophisticated,and classic!! <3 <3

Monday, April 11, 2011

Psychology...can't get enough of it!

It's 2.35 in the morning and i can't still shut my eyes off.It's maybe because of  my habit....sleep late.I've watch a video about psychology and i'm so affectionate to it.Here the things that i've gathered,,,,

- Psychology field is actually overlaps with their own branches such as cognitive psychology.
- Two main type of psychology that is basic and applied psychology.
- In Psychology,there is another one like PHD,it's Psy D,Doctor of Psychology. (but i still get confuse on it...)
- 4 keys to resolve a problem that is describing it,explaining about it,predicting what will happened,and modify it.
- 3 Factors to solve a problem namely Biological problems,Psychology problems,and Enviromental problems.

There's another one but i didn't get the meaning but what i did understand is there is no an exact answered in finding the solution....i don't know how to put this but...but this based on what i understand,correct me if i'm wrong:)

P/S: I've found an intriguing blog about psychology and i'm totally like it.I will post the link below.Check it out!

Link--------->  <----------Link

I am an observer, I like to watch people. I am into psychology and people - how they act and such.
Dane Cook 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Being grateful for the rest of our life.....

As for today post,i just suddenly realize about something that we have but not all of us have it such as foods,house,shirts....all the basic things in life.Thus,we need to be grateful for whatever we have right now.But the most vital thing in life nowdays is education.Without it,i can say we barely have a bright future.Most of the people nowdays are excellent and intelligent.We have to compete against each others.Therefore,education is really really important.As long as you breath,as long as you can see,as long as you can touch,education is still needed wheter it's formal or in an informal way.

When i looked at the UNICEF videos,i'm so moved by it.In one of the videos that i have watched...(sorry if i made grammar mistake),in Bangladesh,there were many of childrens didn't go to school because they must find money for their family and self expenses.Can you imagine that?? As early as nine years old,they have been send to factory to work from morning till night.When i watched this video,,,i thought,it should not be like this,they must go to school because they're the hope for their country for the future.Who else will inherit the places in the government?? Who else?? Nobody but they are.How do you want to run your country by not having any improper education?? Difficult isn't?? That why we should learn.They are many benefits of learning.They are.

For us who are well educated must give an aid to those in needed,,,,we human should help each others,no matter what country did you come from,what kind of races you are,what ethnicity did you possesed.Ignore it.We have to lend our hand,when they need help,lend our ears if they wanted to share thoughts because one voice can changes all.Who know?? Let them have their own freedom like us.So they can make their potential to the fullest.

As i mention before,humanitarian is one of my dream,like Queen Rania,Lady Diana,,,,and all who have worked it now or before this.I hope i can really be one day but my journey is still far away.I still needed to venture many things before i can be someone who i really wanted to be...amin=)

P/S: I've also post a video from UNICEF,,,,i hope you guys watch it:)

Friday, April 8, 2011

What about Dream...??

I'm sure each of us had dreams,,,i mean,what do you want to be when you grow up? As for me,i've a lot of dreams namely doctor(a cliche one..XD),photographer,legal assistant,pianist<3,even astronaught! We will never know what will happened in the future,so i think we should fine the best and appeal to our values.As time goes by,our mind will eventually changes.Maybe for some influences like enviroment,hormones,hobbies....whatever it's,i believe we will changes through time.I wanted to become a pianist once before,but when i pondered,i can''s because for some reasons like my family background,my basic in music,,,i would say that i didn't have enough or strong for basic music.I can read the note,i know some of the rules,appregios,fermata,cresendo,decreasendo,adagio,a tempo,pianossimo....and manyyyyyy more:) I love it so much!! but unfortunately,it was only a dream for me.I believe that,if you really wanted to be a musician,you have to cultivate or immerse yourself from the beginning.Perhaps at the age of 4 or 5 or 6.As earlier as you can for you to have a better understanding and fun.....hmmmm,i think:)

I still plays piano a.k.a my keyboard when i think i wanted to but really takes time when you want to intrepret the note....seriously slowww,,,i'm dissapointed because i think i've the talent but then i can't polished or refine it because it's the matter of time.That's why,i personally said that you should start from the very beginning,when you're still a child.For a children to learn music is totally fun and great! Plus,they still in part of learning and they're quick-witted.

Anyway,i've my new aspiration now.I want to involve with peoples more like a humanitarian.Helping people that is in needed is something that can make me very pleasant.It's more towards to a psychological sattisfaction:) You're happy,serene,calm,no stress,whatever it's you're happy in what are you doing.,,,feel soooo niceee=D  By the way,there's a video at the end of this post and i'm truly amazed by it!! Check it out!!

P/S: Psychology<3

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Contact lenses...

It just came acrossed on my mind about contact lenses.I did wear it now and it's easy to wear (after few trial:P) I still remember when my first time wearing those thing,,,,to be honest,,i take 2 hours to wear it!! LOL! yup,it's true.My friend,Yana,helped me wearing it and pity her,she have to wait for me in the toilet for 2 hours:) Thank god,we never argued about that.The problem is I put my right eye contact into my left eye and vice versa.I did feel dizzy because the power of my eyes is different.I blinked my eyes foe several times and it feel very different.I wear it on the prep. time and take it out before i slept.Another hours i take to take it out! Oh! I did feel like i wanted to faint when i wear it because i'm too afraid,whenever it come closer to my eyes,my eyes can't never stop blinking and the iris wont stop moving aside (it was like the eye contact wanted to "eat" it).It' hard! Same goes when i wanted to take it out.It's not 2 hours but it take 3 hours!! I'm too afraid to "touch" my iris,,,i wanted to faint and my eyes turn red.I slept at 3 in the morning that day just because the contact lenses.Well it's my first experience on wearing and take it off.Nerveous,afraid,dizzy...all sorts of feeling:) 

The reason why i bought eye contact is because i wanted to wear it on Annual Dinner.So,i asked my homeroom teacher to send me to the town to get it and i was accompanied by my friend,Mickey (not mickey mouse,it's a long story....) We both buy it and we shared our money to buy it.I still have it until now (i supposed i must disposed it coz i've kept it for a long time and i think it's already contaminated by bacteria...euwww) And last month,i bought a new one and it's a colour contact.I luv it<3 It was dark blue and my friend,Biela,choosed it for me (she worked at that place).It's not that hard to wear when you practice it for many times.It will get better and better over the times.Winning:) So,i'm sure you guys must have this kind of experience when you want to wear eye contact...maybe or "Nahh,i'm not like you"...whatever it's i'm sure it's fun to wear it but you must know how to take care of it.If not,it will be worsed.Oh,and by the way i put a video on how to wear contact lenses and take it out in case you wanted to see it or i dont know....and a link on how to choose a right colour for your contact lenses.Enjoy:)

P/S: I loved to wear a big diameter of contact lenses because your eyes look bigger and creepy! <3

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Dorayaki maybe??

My brother works in Samsung Company and what's great being an employee of this company is you get a tons of presents..(not a tons really but many times) like foods,special offers of Samsung product such as handphone.My brother knocked on my bedroom door and he gives me a dorayaki,if i'm not mistaken and another one is i dont know what it is and hey! both of it delicious! =D Thank god,the calories is written infront of the label and i can eat it! (well,i'm actually on my dieting program so i needed to be extra careful when it comes to calories) 40 + 80,total up u will get 120 calories intake for dinner,,,that enough for me as i could only ate 1000 calories per day.Maybe some of the peoples out there thinking "What?! are you crazy?" Nope,i'm not.I'm totally in great shape but still many fats to burn!! I had attached pictures of it<3