Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wordless Thursday

As salam,,,

I hate good ending. I want that good be forever with me. If it was end, remembering it was painful to me. I will be missing it. So damn hurtful. Asking question like why do we have ending merely solve nothing. Live on reality not fantasy. When peoples want to escape from something, they will create a world where they build there own dreams with no obstacles. If it was in reality, that was impossible. Life were meant to be difficult and lot of obstacles. Hate it, like it or not....the only option is to accept it.

Well, there is a reason why i wrote this week will be study week and that mean ending of first semester will be coming soon. Time flies so fast. I do realize. Others were excited to go home but me,,,don't know how to describe. Terasa macam na pergi sabah pulak,,,ehehe ^^ Pelik kan,,,kalo org tnyer, takkan x na balik rumah kot? Eh,,skati ak la~ lalala~ Kat rumah,ak akn jadi statik. Ak ni bukan org statik. Tahu x org statik tu ap? iaitu duduk suatu tempat x wat ape2. Owhhh,,,sgt bukan diriku. Mesti na kuar,jenjalan,,,i do enjoy walking around and if it a work, i do enjoy "busy" work. Ak penah bgthu kwn matrik ak,,,masa tu ak jadi bendahari and ak mmg busy time tu. Bukan stakat bendahari je ak jadi, AJK hadiah pun ak yg handle. Ak x gila kuasa. Dah ad org offer amik la kan. Peluang utk belajar bende baru terutama skali bab2 pengurusan organisasi ni. Ak bgthu dye, ak seronok sgt buat kerje ni, walaupun busy, ak seronok, busy yang bermakna. Penat yg berbaloi. Berkerjasama dgn org2 yg hebat.

Itu maknanya, kepuasaan dari segi hati sgt bernilai dan sgt x rugi. Gembira + penat + seronok + dpt pengalaman baru + dpt kwn baru + enjoy = Kepuasaan hati yg mantap ^_^ Ada org sgt menekan kepuasaan dr segi material dan wang. Ak x menafikan bende tu penting but we have to balance. That thing can be gone anytime. Can be dull and boring. Takkan na hidup mcm tu. Bile hidup kat U ni, otak ak kadang2 teringat kat kat movie 3 Idiots. Point cerita tu ialah, belajar sambil enjoy. Belajar tu harus tp dgn cara yg enjoy. Mgkin x sume org mcm tu tp for me, i prefer that.

Actually, i've no idea na tulis apa,,,tibe2 je idea sume ni kluar. Tanpa membuang masa, terus menukilkannya di blog yg da lama x dih"update" ni. Berhabuk sudah. Anyway, all the best for final exam and i wish to score the best.

p/s : Da la cuti ni balik 22 jan, abis exam 11 jan,,mmg ak x thu na wat pe,,, hmm,,can someone bring me jenjalan in sarawak?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Malaysia itu Indah sebenarnya...

As salam and Greeting~

Hi y'oll,,,ap punya bahasa tah kan,,,merosakkan~ jgn tiru k,,,iboh tiru k,,,

Anyway,it such a long time and i hardly wrote anything. Sbb seronok duk kat sini smpai x tersempat nak tulis,hehe~ Many of my friends asking me,"apa yg bestnyer kat sana (sarawak)?". My answered, "dtg la sini klo na thu". Jawapan malas sebenarnyer tu, kalo na diikutkan best kat sini. Totally different from peninsular. One thing la kan why i like sarawak,,is because of their faces. Their faces were beautiful and very native-looked...ya,native. It was like,here is the other part of Malaysia which is unique and beautiful and amazing and i wish i could know it earlier and now i know how BEAUTIFUL Malaysia is,,,i know that Malaysia is not that dull,,,kalo kat semenanjung tu, 3 kaum tu je la yg main dalam kepala otak. Tak ke bosan? tak thu la kan, ke ak sorang je yg rase.dont know la kan...kmk sik tauk klo kmk sorang jak rse. (Since i learn the ansos, i was being carefully with the term of races and ethnicity^^ because we had been taught of the meaning, it was amazing and now i know what is the "real" race and ethnicity,,,)

Thank God that i had been chosen to take anthropology and sociology a.k.a ansos in UNIMAS. Right now, what i can say is, the course matched with my personality. I can expressed my feeling through it. It is about human which is what i wanted to know the most in my life because humans is unique and when i say unique, each of them is different. Not all the same. Because of that,,,humans are diverse and problems will arises. I want to seek the way to solve it because i hate to see riot, i hate to see people arguing on each other in an aggressive way by saying bad words, i hate chaos....i want peace,,,,even in a family,,i cried when i see my parents arguing, i cried when i see what happening in Malaysia right now.I did. My question is, why?? Don't we have brain given by god to think?, don't we have tongue given by god to spread nice words to the others? why don't we use that properly? Think is to find a solution to all of these problems. Indeed it will be though, even the social scientist such as Durkheim, Marx, Weber take a long time to observe and came up with an idea and solution to this problems.

I wish i could came up with some kind of theory that can be use as a solution. But, my mind still on the reality. Even though there are thousands solutions, it can never be totally solved. It can but not all. At least there are some solutions to make an aid to the society. Sometimes i think, i dream big but can i ever make it?   who knows right,,,only God knows it. But don't hope to much,,, just go with the flow.

p/s : sem satu mahu abis sudah,,,may this coming second sem will be more better...God willing,,,aamiin =)