Monday, September 2, 2013

For you, from her.

As salam,
Long time never post anything. A quick post for today. A short poem. Not really a poem. More to inspirational words I guess. Anyone can be the role but yes,I do have a solid reason what make me wrote this piece.

Terimalah,,, acece =P

You are indeed a subtle person.
Look cool outside. Inside is different.
I want to tell you, how much proud I am of you.
You did have a potential to become somebody.
You do what you think is right.
You have your own ideas.
Even if I didn't say anything about it, does not mean I'm not agree.
You become just who you are.
I can spend time to hear your thoughts.
I am delightful to do so.
If there is something we don't agree, we can always talk.
Give and take.
In silence, far from sight, I supported you.
Don't give up ya.

p/s: Esok,lusa,tulat,tubin,bertemu. ^^

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