Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another facet of life.

As salam,,,

I saw many pics from Orientation's week in UNIMAS. Wahh,,,it remind me a year ago of being a freshie. Didn't expect anything and Alhamdulillah never had homesick or missing home too much. I am surprised by it. Quite weird because I didn't feel I like to be at home unless for a period of time that u needed to go back home, to visit your parents, brother and sister. But still not for a long time.

Seeing akak-akak and abg-abg yg jadi LO, membuat saya jeles woo~. I know become a LO is a tiring one but if it fill with happiness, nothing is tiring. Become part of facilitator in Youth of Borneo (YOB), gave me hope to be a LO but luck is not on my side and I believe there is a better, awesome reason for it. God is good!

3 months living with family is something that I would appreciate and spend time with them as much as I can. Do good and help parents. Take time for personal quality time. Learn how to cook (kene blajar tok, penting tuk masa hadapan ne). Play games. Surf internet as much as I can (because after going back to UNIMAS, I dont think I will in an active mode for internet. The only time that I can get to internet was after afternoon lecture, dalam pukul 3 lebih camtu and go to lab FSS or if rajin malam turun dekat Cafe BRC). Meet friends. Off to towns. Think when your are alone in your room or be a loner (not forever alone). Cry as much as you can. Laugh like a crazy. Sing songs out loud. Sleep a lot. And most important is the time where you can spend time alone with ALLAH and says whatever you wanted, be it a small problem to big problem. Prepare your heart and mind. Be ready. It is like charging your battery phone. Take a rest for some time and when you're ready, let move on! Preparation for another 4 months is truly needed. When time come, you need to go. Go find yourself in another places.

Being a second year student, I don't expect anything but feel like it will be a lot more thing going to be happen. Joining a persatuan fakulti is a big amanah and I want and will try my best. Problems will come because life are meant to be tested. I pray to ALLAH to have a strong heart and stay in a right path. Life is not easy. We are only human, that why we have God. To surrender to him. A pain come from a heart is for HIM and from HIM. A happiness come from a heart is for HIM and from HIM. Redha.

Here I am again. Facing another facet of life. I really hope I can face the reality and be a good human. ^__^

p/s: Yee haa! beg tak kemas lagi! =D

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